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Grammatikus is a fun and interactive online program that supports the teaching of English grammar.

Are you game?

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Grammatikus is an innovative, engaging online tool that uses technology as the vehicle for teaching English grammar concepts and techniques to students undertaking Years 5 to 9. Through a combination of clear tutorials, interactive games and innovative worksheets, Grammatikus injects FUN into the learning process.

The content is both diagnostic and adaptive. Each student is initially tested to identify individual strengths and weaknesses. Our use of clever adaptive algorithms allows us to track each student’s aptitude and automatically adjust their individual study plan to ensure they are continually challenged at the appropriate level. Using the principle of the “flipped classroom” Grammatikus puts focus back onto the students as individuals, allowing self-paced learning and freeing teachers to simply teach. Students work through their grammar content (including video tutorials, games, interactive worksheets and tests) either in class or at home, leaving precious class-time to tackle problem areas.

Outstanding results

Grammatikus users are consistently achieving superior results; this is combined with increased interest and enthusiasm from students when compared to more traditional teaching techniques.
A trial at Victorian High School, Damascus College (Ballarat) in late 2010 resulted in dramatic improvements in student performance. Specifically:

  • All students improved by 29% (compared to 11.5% in students not using the game)
  • Males improved by 26.7% (compared to 20.4% among non-users); and
  • Females improved by 31.1% (compared to 9.4% among non-users)

Our 2012 figures show a strong positive correlation between the length of time students engaged in Grammatikus and their improvement. On average, students using the program improved by 28 percentile points over 12 months. They also improved by 2.4 grades, taking them 1.5 years ahead of expectation.

Contact us and we will set up a free trial of Grammatikus with one of your classes to experience the tool firsthand.



Grammatikus is a resource tailored to each school’s specific needs. Give us a call; we would love to chat with you about your particular circumstances, your requirements and your goals so that we can provide you with an accurate quote.

Contact us to discuss your needs or call on 1300 728 481