1410758_59974973The academic year is back and we have been busy implementing schools and training teachers on how to use our feature product Grammatikus. Students from around Australia are now furiously hitting the site during school hours (Friday seems to be a favourite) and late into the evening. It’s fantastic to see!

It is also incredibly rewarding to be involved in something that raises the bar of literacy standards and helps improve student performance, which brings us to the Gonski report.

In 2010, the Federal Government commissioned a review of funding for schooling. In February 2012, the review panel, chaired by businessman David Gonski, detailed its findings in a 286-page document and made 41 recommendations, including a significant increase in funding of nearly $5 billion, which would mainly flow to government schools.

One year after its release, the Gonski report has made it into the news again. Will adopting its model address the equity issue and help Australia rank among the top five nations in international tests?  Or will it in fact threaten the quality of schooling by discriminating against non-government schools?  See for yourself and decide if you give a Gonski.